With the growth in living standard, people's requirement of furniture has been raised accordingly. You may work at home but you think your interior design is not beautiful enough. Determine for yourself what you should wear every morning at working hours and you will not have to think about that. Moreover, don’t you want a beautiful space in your home that you might be more comfortable? Interior design at this point is very important and shows your style to life.

The first key point for interior design is energy conservation and environmental protection. From the misuse of wood or plant materials to some degradable materials like melamine faced board or melamine decorative paper can be found in people's houses more often than before. You should make it easy to focus on environments. From the moment you step into the place of business where there are many factors that reminds you that you are in for. Rather reminiscent of rest and having fun. If you have a room that you can allocate to the operating room, this is the ideal. Completely separately from the other parts of your house can arrange business-oriented way. Maybe melamine faced mdf is indeed. Moreover, while there are others at home, television, music, chat, and other activities not bother to close the door is sufficient.

The second key point for interior design is health. People tend to pay more attention to their physical conditions as the contentment of living. Formaldehyde contains a kind of poisonous gas and live in which for a long time is bad for people's health. But for the desire in making profit, some factories in the past years varnished their furniture with paint containing those toxic gases, which then were prohibited by law. Today’s manufacturers insist on choosing the paint which does not contain formaldehyde or other harmful substance like aromatic hydrocarbon. The third key point is intellectualization, which combines the production of materials with micro-electronic technique. Through which, the dream of controlling and modulating the furniture has realized and intellectualization has become the new direction for interior design's progress.

As a study room or a room in the house that you can allocate, work your column if possible, on television, in a corner of the kitchen and the bed away from the edit. You may also need to choose an melamine faced chipboard when you work for a long time. Many people will become close to the kitchen table coffee maker considers to be an ideal working environment. However, shortly after the work in the kitchen can turn into a difficult challenge. Make coffee, instant potatoes and pot being free to put up a permanent cut in saying to prepare sandwiches and coffee. Moreover, the kitchen and the kitchen in no time you can not work to encourage seriousness.

i-decors.com was established on January 2010 (the import and export window of T&Y Group), engage in the sales and marketing of various products and technologies of the group. Its main products are printing papers, melamine papers, finish foil, polyester paper, PU paper etc., and product size is from 790mmto 2130mm. It is widely used for furniture, laminated floor, cabinet, HPL, MDF etc.


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