The melamine faced chipboard, often called the wear-resisting board by some people, is bounded with the base material-melamine particle board, and surface. Due to the fireproof, wear-resistant and waterproof treatment, the effect is similar to the composite wood floor.

Melamine faced chipboard is not a new-model of  decorating materials. The board has already been produced in the domestic market, and was originally used as single color plates to make computer desk and other office furniture. With the popularity of furniture in the plate in many families, it has gradually become the preferred material in furniture factories, and the surface color and pattern are also various.

Melamine plate makes the furniture looks strong, but the paper itself is fragile with color or imitation of wood grain painted on the surface. After being soaked in the transparent resin, the impregnating paper is much harder than before. The combination of impregnating paper and base material has a good performance after hot pressing. Furniture made by this material is unnecessary to be painted for there will be a protective film on the surface. It is abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant and durable. When choosing this kind of furniture, in addition to the color and texture, consumers can also distinguish between appearance qualities from several aspects. Furniture with blotch, scratches, indentation, uneven color, bubbling phenomena and torn should be rejected.

If your house is decorated with melamine faced board, the cleaning for it should be paid attention. Use toothpaste to remove ghost writing left behind on the board. The faint writing that is left behind on the melamine board after you wipe away the ink is referred to as ghost writing. A small amount of toothpaste on a washcloth will help to remove it. Use a damp paper towel to remove any residual toothpaste, and then wipe the board dry with another paper towel. And you can also spray a stain remover over the melamine board and let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Wipe the ghost writing away with a paper cloth. Repeat if necessary.


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