Decorative paper is placed below the surface of paper in the product structure, which plays the role of decorative patterns and prevents the seepage of underlying glue. This layer of paper should be equipped with the good hiding power, dipping and printing performance.decorative paper requires a smooth surface, good absorbency and adaptability, background tone should be even, the colors should be bright.
The popularity of decorative paper
With the warming of the real estate industry, people’s requirement on living and working environment continue to be improved, and promote the popularity of decorative paper market. With the rapid development of the strengthening of wood flooring, impregnation paper veneer plywood and furniture and decoration industry, the decorative paper industry in China thrive during the result, decorative paper consumption is increasing, the quality improves continuously and the varieties of colors are also increasing. The late 1990s, the social production of furniture is still mainly solid wood furniture, and with the development of the times, decorative paper becomes a market darling for its new kind and beautiful appearance.
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History of decorative paper in our domestic wood-based panels
Our decorative paper has been used in our country for 30 years and in the late 1960s, our country had used decorative paper as the fire board, which is manufactured by a number of state-owned manufacturers. Until the late 1970s, we began to study the paper directly attached to the surface, and it was mainly used for medium-density fiberboard and particleboard veneer. Medium density fiberboard was used in the mid-1990s, which is mainly used in kitchen furniture and office furniture. To the mid-1990s, laminate flooring began to enter the market of our country. In the past, the paper is used for printing, until 2001, there are fire board manufacturing formulate foreign brands, and some of the production bases are set in China, for example, a number of foreign brands of decorative paper, they have set up factories in the country, in addition, with the production of laminate flooring, some imported decorative materials are used up, especially fire board. It is found that the made from the imported paper is totally different from the fire board made from the domestic paper, It is a new look, the original high-pressure fire board, has been out due to the extrusion process, it is a little down, after all, the use of resources, or is the production of more trouble, a little down, but with the use of imported paper, its market suddenly good, is mainly used in the kitchen and office furniture above, until now. Therefore, our country has been this century, so decorative paper processing and utilization of secondary wood-based panels have been greatly increased in the 21 century. have more than 20 high-grade auto-gravure printing lines and 13 auto-impregnation lines, already become one of the biggest manufacturer of the decorative materials enterprise in China. Our main products are printing papers, melamine papers, finish foil, polyester paper, PU paper etc., product size is from 790mmto 2130mm. It is widely used for furniture, lamainated floor, cabinet, HPL, MDF etc. All products are environment-friendly, using water-based ink (best domestic ink and imported ink), domestic and imported raw materials.

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