First, meet the use function
In the selection of decorative materials, you should first meet the use function adapt to the environment. The exterior wall should use the material resistant to atmospheric corrosion, not fade, not easy to stain, no efflorescence. Floors should use decorative materials abrasion resistant, water resistant, and not easy to be contaminated. Kitchen and bathroom should use water resistant, impermeability, not moldy, easy scrubbing material.

Secondly, meet the decorative effect
Decorative material color, luster, shape, texture, patterns and other properties can affect the decorative effect; especially the color of the decorative material has very obvious influence on decorative effect. Therefore, in the selection of decorative materials, we should be reasonable to apply color, giving a comfortable feeling. For example: the bedroom and guest room should choose light blue or light green in order to increase the indoor sense of tranquility; yellow, egg yolks, orange, pink and other warm should be used in children's activity room, in order to adapt to the psychological of lively children; hospital ward should use shallow green, blue, yellow and other colors to make the patient feel calm and security in order to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Thirdly, the safety of material
In the selection of decorative materials, you should properly handle contradictions and use safety of decorative effect, environmentally friendly building decoration materials and non-combustible or flame retardant safe materials are preferred, try to avoid using materials feeling unsafe or prone to fires and other accidents in the course, and strive to create a beautiful, safe and comfortable environment.

Fourthly, reasonable durability
The construction with different functions and different grades of decoration, using decorative materials durability requirements are not the same. Especially the new decorative materials come out one after the other, people's material and spiritual life demand also gradually improve, and many decorative materials have fashion trends. Therefore, some building renovation has shorter useful life, which requires the use of decorative materials useful life not be very long. But some buildings require its useful life to be very long, such as monuments and so on.

Fifthly, economic principles
Generally, the decorative building construction costs often account for 30% to 50% of the total project cost, individual project with higher decoration works account up to 60% to 65%. Therefore, the choice of decorative materials should consider economy: in principle, we should properly select materials based on the requirements and trim levels; without affecting the quality of decorative works as the premise, try to use cheap quality materials; selecting high efficiency, easy installation materials to reduce the cost of the project. Also in the selection of decorative materials, you should not only consider a one-time investment, you should also consider the future maintenance costs, and sometimes at critical issue, it's rather appropriate to increase the one-time investment, then you can extend the useful life, so as to achieve the overall economy purposes.

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