I have a friend who is very handsome and rich. Many beautiful girls fell in love with him at the first time but he seemed to have no interest with them. Recently he told me that two excellent girls showed their love to him and he didn't know how to choose.
"Both of them are very perfect. One is outgoing and I feel very happy to talk with her, the other is a little shy and I feel comfortable to stay with her. It is very difficult for me to choose one of them.” He said. "Well, why not try to have appointments with them and after that you will know how to choose." I advised and he thought it was a good idea.
Yesterday, I made a phone call to him. "Have you made a decision?" "Yes, I will choose that shy girl.” He answered. "Why?" I was so surprised because I thought he would choose that outgoing girl. "I came to have an appointment with the outgoing girl; she invited me to have dinner with her at her home. I came to there on time and I rang the bell. Do you know how long I had waited for her? Twenty minutes! She didn’t open the door and just shouted in her house ‘please wait a minute’ and I had waited her for twenty minutes. Then she opened the door and I tried to pretend that I didn’t care about the things what had happened just now. She invited me to have a visit to her house. Well, I had to admit that her house was so beautiful especially the lights. Suddenly, I saw her room’s decorative paper. You know there are many beautiful decorative paper in the shops. But you can't image how terrible her paper was. It turned yellow and smelly, what's more, there were several holes caused by smoking on the surface of it. I found an excuse to leave her home."
melamine faced mdf
"Then I went to the shy girl's home. To me surprise, she made a dinner for me by herself and it tasted so delicious! I observed her house carefully. I found that her decorative paper was smelless and looked very beautiful. She told me that she choose them very prudently. The decorative materials of they are environment friendly, besides they have many advantages such as anti-dirt, fire resistance, scratch resistance, good anti-ultraviolation performance and fadeless after long time and so on. I had a good chat with her. From details you can judge a person’s character and from the decorative paper I know that she was a virtuous girl, so I decided to choose her to be my lover."
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