Most people think that DIY is very hard work, for example, they always think that paste wallpaper is a complex matter and it must be done by professional workers. But in fact as long as you are willing to try, everyone can do this job. Here we provide some tips for pasting wallpaper. There are many kinds of decorative paper, such as walnut decorative paper, sandal decorative paper, pine decorative paper and branch wood grain decorative paper. Before pasting wallpaper, you should decide colors and patterns of wallpaper. The tools include: scraper, roller, brush, cutter, etc. Then, follow the steps below. First, you should scrape the original paint on the wall. If it is old wallpaper, you must peel it and then use scraper for cleaning work. Second, if there are some pits in the original walls, pits must be filled up with soil and then scrape it to keep the wall flat. Third, you should measure wall size and paper size. If it is color wallpaper, every time you paste, it should be suit for tidy. Fourth, after cutting the wallpaper, you should coat wallpaper with adhesive and then use roller or brush to coat it equably. Then put it on the wall. These actions are inertia and there are some things you should be careful. For example, when you paste wallpaper, you should place inside to outside on the edge with a brush or roller. It is because that when wallpaper brush paste inside to outside, some gaps left, which causes wrinkles. Fifth, you must avoid painting in different directions. If you paste from up and down, you should paste it this direction all the time. If you paste it from left to right you also should keep this direction. When the directions are same, the color will be exactly the same. There will be no traces and this must be paid attention to. was established on January 2010 (the import and export window of T&Y Group), engage in the sales and marketing of various products and technologies of the group. Its main products are printing papers, melamine papers, finish foil, polyester paper, PU paper etc., and product size is from 790mmto 2130mm. It is widely used for furniture, laminated floor, cabinet, HPL, MDF etc.

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