The paper industry is the third largest user of titanium dioxide. Considering the cost of production, the low end paper mainly uses china clay, talcum powder and calcium carbonate instead of using titanium dioxide generally. But that will reduce the strength of the paper, and increase the weight of paper. The production of dictionaries, magazines, magazine covers, banknotes, copier paper and fantasy decorative paper must use titanium dioxide as materials. Titanium dioxide used in paper can make paper be white, high strength, shiny, thin but smooth, impervious printing. Under the same conditions, paper with titanium dioxide, its non-transparency is as ten times as paper with talcum powder and calcium carbonate, its weight also reduces 15%-30%.melamine faced chipboard Decorative paper is also known as titanium white paper, mainly used for the production of furniture, flooring, and wallpaper. For anti-aging paper, you must use rutile. Production of high-ash paper must use rutile, because titanium dioxide's covering power doesn't meet requirement. Titanium dioxide is used in low ash paper, such as the Bible paper and paper money because both of them require a good opacity of paper. In China, there is a large demand for high-end furniture, home improvements, so the amount of decorative paper rises rapidly and the amount of Titanium dioxide also rises. It is estimated that the amount of domestic titanium dioxide used in decorative paper is over 30,000 tons per year. The amount of titanium dioxide used in decorative paper is 20%-40%, while in the other paper titanium amount is 1%-5%. Whatever what kind of paper, its production process is the same. The cost of paper decides what the material industry use in making paper. Since the cost of titanium dioxide in papermaking is as high as 30%-50%, the amount of titanium dioxide used in papermaking is very limited for paper mills. The article comes from:

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